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Proliferation of Cyber Warfare

With the advent of the digital age, cyber warfare has quickly become a topic of concern for nations across the globe. Every news story about a ransomware attack leaves civilians and leaders alike at the edge of their seats. After all, the data of billions of individuals and the functionality of national infrastructure depends on cybersecurity! Alas, costly and unpredictable threats to cybersecurity abound. This is especially concerning when nations engage in cyber warfare, in which countries create cyberweapons that endanger one another’s computer systems. From the 2010 Stuxnet computer worm against Iran to the 2015 attacks on Ukraine’s energy grids, countries have previously demonstrated a tendency to engage in cyber warfare. If such attacks continue to be uncontrolled, the authority of many governments will be at risk. Therefore, delegates in this committee will answer this question: how can nations reduce cyber warfare while protecting their sovereignty?

**This committee is a dual delegation.


Julia Jingozian

Kelly Puhawan

Yaretzi Montero

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