The Red, White, and Blue Scare

Crisis Committee

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The Red, White, and Blue Scare

The year is 1962, and finding a peaceful resolution to the missile crisis within Cuba has turned into a messy affair. The US refuses to back out of Turkey, and in retaliation, the Russians promise to remain in Cuba. As both countries publicly announce their more-than-plentiful weapons stockpiles within their proxy states, fear consumes the people and politicians alike.

Soon, hopes of de-escalation dwindle, and the Cold War continues heating up all across the globe as communist powers have found themselves in a state of perpetual growth due to America’s fear of nuclear confrontation and demolition. 

As American politicians frantically consider increasing military budgets and eastern European presence near the Russian state, President Kennedy and his cabinet draft an executive order to increase the adoption of American values and systems through military action, anti-Russian media, and an extensive smear campaign against Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev.

As this anti-USSR indoctrination begins seeping through the iron curtain and into the East, a new kind of warfare has begun to expand, with weaponry replaced by public opinions and propaganda being the new ammunition.

With the US presence now a colossal web of military bases hugging the borders of the USSR, delegates within an expert team of Russian and allied political, military, and social figures must find a way to counter the childish acts of aggravation and publication of falsities from the US, without triggering a full-blown nuclear war. 

Do you have what it takes to save the Motherland?

Crisis Leads

Fallon Prince (Chief of Crisis)

Ryan Co (Crisis Director of The Red, White, Blue Scare)


Juliana Johnson

Ellen Lee

Matheus Koo

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Position papers are NOT required for this committee. Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns. 

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