Commission on the Status of Women 

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Increasing Women's Representation and Opportunities in Government

We are currently living in an era where the voices of women once ignored are finally being heard on a global scale. From local councils to positions in parliament, women are slowly breaking the mold forced upon them in society and offering their communities a tapestry of perspectives that point towards an inclusive future. Despite these strides, progress towards increasing women’s representation and opportunities in government have been disappointingly slow as women continue to be underrepresented in office. Persisting barriers such as structural inequalities, discriminatory stereotypes, and societal biases hinder women’s entry and advancement in politics, and instead perpetuate a male-dominated political world. The lack of action in this area has deprived society of innovative solutions, achievable only through diverse perspectives. Delegates, in this committee you will be responsible for initiating efforts that will not only break down structural and societal barriers through regulations, but also create inclusive political environments and empower women to take high-position roles through global advocacy and gender quotas that ensure political representation accurately depicts the vast population. 

**This committee is a dual delegation.


Nicole Koushyar

Aisha Sayani

Rebecca Bannister

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