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The Representation of Marginalized Groups in the Media

Whose voices deserve to be heard? 

In Press Corps, delegates will assume the role of journalists from national news publications, collaborating to develop and publish a VRMUN press release that explores the question of what it means to represent marginalized communities equitably and inclusively in the media. 

Fast-paced, collaborative, and ever-changing, this committee requires that delegates use their communication and critical thinking skills to replicate the intensity of a real-life newsroom. In the committee bullpen, the delegate’s goal will be to write an analytical article about a particular aspect of VRMUN– whether it be conference topics, debates, or caucuses– that falls under the journalistic umbrella of marginalization, equity and inclusivity. Delegates will investigate committees and interview key figures on their topic of choice. Afterwards, tasked with organizing and publishing an official press release, delegates will come back together to debate, compromise, and collaborate. The challenge unravels of what information and reports delegates should highlight in the press release, especially as they consider the media’s history of bias and the steps they must take to move past it. 

Delegates, you have been granted the opportunity to revolutionize the press as we know it– under your pen, will the media’s legacy prevail or falter?


Amber Tran

Sharvari Wagle

Megan Guerrero

Background Guide:

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Position papers are required for Press Corps. Please submit your final position papers to the Google form by January 28, 2024 at 10 PM PST. Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns. 

For position paper guidelines, visit Delegate Resources

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