Explore this page to find key VRMUN resources, including position paper guidelines, rules of procedure cheat sheets, and other pertinent information.

Position Papers at VRMUN 2023

All delegates (including crisis) are required to turn in a position paper by January 28th, 2024 by 10 PM. It is expected that those working on position papers adhere to the official guidelines put forth for VRMUN; delegates with questions regarding their papers are encouraged to email their committee chairs. To find an example VRMUN position paper, please click here. Our official guidelines are available below.

Chair emails are provided on the background guide, at the bottom of the chair letters. If there are any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to your chairs. 

Parliamentary Procedure

VRMUN_ Delegate Parliamentary Procedure Guide.pdf

Click here for a general guide to parliamentary procedure or here for a reference video created by the UCLA MUN team.

Crisis Delegate Resources.pdf

Overview Mock Committee

How to: Research and Writing

How to: Motions, Voting

How to: Mods, Unmods, Resolutions

How to: Crisis Overview

How to: Crisis Directives

How to: Crisis Notes (Back/Front Room)

What to Bring to Conference

Our Message to You