Percy Jackson: Arbiters of Fate

Crisis Committee

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Percy Jackson & the Olympians + Heroes of Olympus

Teenage demigods from Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter, have come face-to-face to discuss war and peace between the two camps once more. Khione, daughter of Boreas (winter and the North Wind) has been hell-bent on taking winter for herself and destroying all mortals. After getting lured into a trap by the goddess Khion and accidentally awakening a greater force, Hera plans (against her husband’s wishes) to recruit demigods to free her and stop the encroaching doom. Based on Hera’s decision to introduce the camps to each other, the demigods must decide whether or not to create an allyship to “answer the call” of Hera. Known to have differences in battle strategy, overall values, and gods as a whole, the Greeks and Romans are both reluctant to create an allyship, however, certain demigods believe otherwise. Each demigod must weigh their option of alliance or continued separation, and face the consequences that follow their decision. But beneath the chatter and discussion, a greater power begins to stir… What is this power? Can it be stopped? Who can be trusted? It is up to this committee to find out!

Crisis Leads

Fallon Prince (Chief of Crisis)

Emily Lee (Crisis Director of Percy Jackson: Arbiters of Fate)


Jungmin Lee

Olivia Kim

Alexandra Chung

Background Guide:

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Position papers are NOT required for this committee. Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns. 

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This committee welcomes intermediate delegates.