Lord of The Rings

Crisis Committee

War of the Ring

In the year 3019, Middle Earth is preparing for war. Sauron, the greatest enemy of everyone from Eru Ilúvatar to the hobbits of the Shire, has returned. The road to defeat him and his evil forces is treacherous, but it awaits your first steps.

Crisis Director

Beaux Cable

Email: b38243@student.gchtk12.com

Asst. Crisis Director

Fallon Prince

Email: f40964@student.ghctk12.com


Nishanth Chavourkar


David Elyashev

Ayush Singhal

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Positions Papers are optional for LoTR. Please email your final position papers to your chairs by the listed due date. Feel free to reach out to your chairs with any questions or concerns. 

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This committee welcomes intermediate delegates.