About Us

Explore below to learn more about the Valley Regional Model UN conference and this year's staff members.

A Brief History of VRMUN

Since its phenomenal debut in February 2020, the Valley Regional Model United Nations Conference (VRMUN) has been highlighted as one of the best high school MUN conferences in the state. Attended by students from across the San Fernando Valley, VRMUN stands proudly as a beacon for lovers of MUN everywhere. VRMUN offers a myriad of committees and topics ranging from the increasingly-threatened rights of indigenous people to the high-intensity rivalry between the Marvel and DC universes. Over the course of our one-day conference, VRMUN aims to provide not only a learning space for those new to the world of MUN, but also a fascinating challenge to even those with years of experience. through a wide range of committee topics.

While the global COVID-19 pandemic forced us to host our conference online last year, it is our goal to be in person for VRMUN 2022, and our team could not be more excited! VRMUN is a manifestation of our team’s dedication and love for the activity. VRMUN stands apart from other conferences in its prioritization of each delegate's experience and the quality of debate. From informative and engaging background guides to attentive and knowledgeable chairs, our award-winning team puts their all into our conference, and it is the hope of not only our Secretary General, but our whole team that VRMUN becomes a positive and memorable experience for all its participants.

The VRMUN Staff

Let's begin with this year's Secretariat, shall we?

Chloe Zitsow

Secretary General

Since 7th grade, Chloe has participated in model united nations and looks forward to bringing her passion and excitement to this year’s conference as your VRMUN 2022 Secretary-General. Prior to serving as SG, Chloe has also served as the Under-Secretary-General at VRMUN as well as a Head Chair and has attended conferences across the country with GHCMUN. Outside of school Chloe is an avid reader of Stephen King and adores baking.

Aysha Iqbal

Deputy Secretary-General

Marisol Lopez

Deputy Secretary-General

Achintya Gupta

Crisis Director

Aryan Dwivedi

Crisis Co-Director

Sofia Kirchen

Chief of Staff

Natalie Shtangrud

Chief of Staff

Vernika Gupta

Chief of Conference Management

Zara Raza

Chief of Operations

Maya Checchi

Under-Secretary of Communications and Public Information

Juliana Kim

Under-Secretary of Communications and Public Information

Henry Zitsow

Secretary of Research

Brinda Garg

Secretary of Research

Nick Young

Secretary of FInance